Ceo Disease

Do you suffer from Ceo Disease?

A syndrome all too often confronted in management and executive positions where positive information is shared with the person in charge but the negative information is withheld. This is usually due to an employee or representative not wishing to fall by the wayside of another syndrome we like to call, “shooting the messenger.”

Symptoms of Ceo Disease often include:

  • missed deadlines
  • customer retention dropping like crazy
  • poor customer satisfaction ratings
  • employee moral is not up to par
  • lack of leadership among your top executives
  • yes men
  • yes women
  • a box being placed on your desk, with a note that reads, “you have five minutes to fill this, then leave.”

If you are falling victim of Ceo Disease… do not worry, you are not alone. It is usually do to poor performance as a leader, not necessarily anything personal about you. If we can work together to make the disease about actions, instead of being about you, your company still has a fighting chance.


Don’t take any of this seriously lol… just free-writing some ideas for The Automated MarketKing. Ciao!