Creating a Billion Dollar Company is not all it’s cracked up to be.

1,612,842 paces around the house, backyard, and garage. I completely made that number up, but it doesn’t matter anyway. A couple of million steps is exactly how all of this felt. Or a couple of billion rather. I knew after my first vision I was going to do something huge… unfortunately, no one told me how bad life sucks when you decide to go against the status quo and follow through on a dream.

No one told me I would have to worry or stress in order to be an entrepreneur. No one told me I would have to deal with so much change. No one told me I was going to grow stronger, wiser, and better in the process. No one told me I was going to cry myself to sleep night after night. No one told me I would ever have to contemplate not being able to pay bills, just to keep a project going. People stand on stage, or turn on a camera, and talk trash about how YOU are not trying hard enough. They will “teach” you about “the grind,” but will not offer any real help or solutions. Try this, try that… Well, “TRYING” is not the answer. Not giving up, is. Your actions; your doing, must stomp all over “trying.”

For the final stretch of building the software – I purposely turned myself into a hermit. I wrote books like there was no tomorrow. I stocked the pantry with “back-up ramen.” I put on weight, lost it, found it again, and repeated the cycle. I stopped speaking at events, stopped prospecting sales clients, and stopped asking for help. I stayed focused on my goal, and prayed as much as I could.

I let go of everyone in my life who I would have considered a friend – once they showed me their true colors. I learned that friends and family are the first ones to criticize you, or offer up bad advice… or try to stomp all over your dreams. I decided once and for all, I would never let a person who has done jack shit with their life, tell me how to do a damn thing with mine.

If you want to create something huge, you have to bring value to other people’s lives. It really is that simple. I wanted to create a billion dollar company… So, to pull it off – I had to figure out how to give 99% of that money back to the people who helped me create it. You.

People spend too long “practicing manifestation and the law of attraction” while not realizing… money comes from people. It doesn’t matter how successful you are trying to be… if you do not create something which attracts people to you, you surely will not create a money trail with it. No amount or prayer or meditation will make a sustainable company fall into your lap… making the decision to build one does.

Sales sucks. MLM sucks. I spent years trying to figure out some sort of break-through way to allow the average person to build assets. To me, closing a sale was no harder than walking up to a stranger and having a 2 minute conversation. So, I took that concept, and turned it into an app; an investment tool. You’re welcome.

The Smartr App is truly a path to freedom. I just want people to download it and pass it around. People don’t have to cry, or starve, or worry any longer. I did enough of it for everyone. I created an industry that will disrupt a lot of old business practices. Yeah, it’s cool… but the process in created it is not all it’s cracked up to be – especially if you are not willing to work your ass off for it.

If you really want to be an entrepreneur – you should ask yourself why first. It’s one of the dumbest and most rewarding decisions you could ever make.