Hold onto your Vision – From Understanding Manifestation

In both Trainer to Trillionare and Outgrow, there was a passage about success. Happiness. Being a choice, rather than circumstantial. A state of being, rather than an ultimate goal.

We have two minds… our conscious mind, and our subconscious mind. The conscious mind is the chatter. Our ideas and our identity. Most of which, aren’t really us at all. This part of our mind is filled with paradigms which were taught to us before we had the ability to make conscious decisions of our own.

Before the age of 7, we are nothing but a subconscious mind. A physical and emotional being of creation. Ready to take on the world with little to no limitations. Recording and absorbing all of the information we are surrounded with. Watching our parent’s habits. Learning how to stress about work and relationships. Learning how to become an employee. A person without a vision. Even a characteristic as simple as tapping your foot while sitting still is more than likely a habit you developed from your parents or peers.

Once we hit the age of 7, our cognitive mind kicks in. We can now discern between cause and effect. We realize there is now reverberating resonance in the frequency we are creating. And we choose, not to create. Of course, I am certain most children do not know of those words, but you get the picture.

Think about times you reacted to a situation. Perhaps, someone said something to you, or performed an action against you. Your reaction caused your emotional state to change. You immediately became happy, or sad, though completely unaware why the shift in consciousness took place. This is more than likely because you do not contain a memory to associate with your emotional state. The habit was engrained so deep into your subconscious mind, before becoming aware of the thinking mind that your body and your emotions take over.

Most of us are unaware of, not only the intentions we are placing upon the field of energy we all live in, but also, our ability to change this field based on which state of being we are walking in at that very moment. The energy we produce with our bodies changes the energy of all of our surroundings. The people we are around. Our pets, plants… this book.

We must become aware that we are not our parents. We are not our genetics or our habits. We are our choices. The decisions we have made. If you put this book down, and take a moment to think about your life; I want you to take pride in becoming wholeheartedly aware that this life… your life is a mere byproduct of your choices. Your thoughts and decisions. Nothing more.

We can change the outcome. And the best part is, we don’t even need to know how. We just need to know. We must create a vision for ourselves. This brings in the universal laws which guide us all. They have always been working for us. Giving us exactly what we are thinking about.

Breaking our subconscious habits takes nothing more than making different choices. Disciplining ourselves to follow through on our vision so we can indeed create this new way of life we wish to live. This repetitive practice of forming new habits becomes easier and easier, as it is no different than training new muscles at the gym. At first, there may be a little soreness. Some nodding off, or some fatigue. But if you follow through, the payoff will be exponential. This quantum field of energy which binds us all, will start working in your favor. As a matter of fact, it has always been working in your favor. You were just unaware of your ability to change it.

Why not actively start creating your new life rather than reacting and running your life in a self-contained survival mode? Why wait for a crisis to strike that will force you into change, rather than holding onto a desire for change? Crises happen because of making multiple decisions over and over again, which do not align with our purpose. The decisions of the subconscious habits, created from the conscious paradigms of other people. Once you take a thought from the conscious mind, and embed it in the subconscious mind, a new habit is formed. New cells are born. Billions of old cells, with emotional ideals and habits die, as new cells with the new you are formed.

When I think of chronic diseases… I think of people being stuck in their old thought processes. As 90% of illness is caused by our own thought process and emotional state, not outside forces. If we can carry with us a new vision of being healed, eventually our old idea of sickness will die too. This will make way for the new you.

I remember back around the end of 2012. I was still working in the corporate gym environment, and getting ready to make my departure to become a self-employed trainer. The only thing was, I became a trainer to help people. Not to cash in. Not to make oodles of money, (as personal training definitely will not make someone extremely rich… and yes, I said oodles) but to help others achieve the happiness and fulfillment I had created in my own body and mind. Becoming my subconscious mind again, rather than being stuck in the wave of influence of the paradigms that had been holding me back until then.

One day, without thinking, I spoke the starting point of my vision into existence. I said to myself, “By the end of 2013, I will be able to train anyone I want to, for free.”

I had no idea how. I just knew what I wanted. And I told everyone. I told every friend, every family member. Every client. People would even ask me how I was going to make this possible, to which I usually responded, “I don’t know.”

As silly as it sounded, it was my vision. My dream. The frontal lobe, which plays a key role in envisioning the life we desire, became alive. I held onto my vision (my idea) and chose not to give up on my belief, regardless of what anyone else told me. Negative feedback became welcomed. Simply because, negative feedback is sometime necessary to set you back on course with what it is you are really going after. The point is, to hold the vision. And not give up. Who cares about how?

By fall of 2013, I was introduced to network marketing and motivational speaking. Because of both of these, I was able to start training my clients for absolutely free. And it happened so fast, it took me by complete surprise. Of course, my vision has also changed significantly since then, and now I follow through on just about any and every idea that could possibly come into my mind. Never underestimate the power of a journal, a sticky note, or a tape recorded.

You are the creator of your world. Nature is completely neutral and the universe is waiting for you to take action and work aggressively towards building your legacy.

No matter how expensive a microscope you can purchase, you will never find an oak tree inside an acorn. Though, the acorn uses the law of attraction to fulfill its purpose, just as we should. The same energy the acorn uses for growth, is composed of the same elements which inhabit your inner most desire for growth and success. What is the difference between you and the acorn? The acorn believes. The acorn will never question its destiny. The acorn trusts in God and nature, and becomes the oak tree, regardless of anyone’s opinions of how small the acorn is.

People hear of the law of attraction and still have entitlements and expect handouts. The word attraction has “action” imbedded in the word. In your life, you are going to be confronted with opportunities to act, and some of those will be scary as shit! Those are usually the best ones to act upon. You need to take action, now!

Think of a farmer standing in front of a freshly plowed field. In one hand, he holds a seed of corn. In the other, a seed for nightshade, a deadly poison. If he plants both seeds in the ground, waters and nurtures the seeds, by the end of the season he will have both a corn stalk, and a stalk of poison. The field didn’t care what he planted… only that he planted the seeds. The universe returned both in exchange.

You order a pair of shoes from a shop online. You tell them you need a size 10. They send out the shoes, without a care in the world as to whether or not they fit. They do not know you, or if you will actually find the shoes to be comfortable. You asked, and you received.

Some of the following has come from a couple of my books. Though, repetitive action is the key to success. When we have a chance to hear, watch, or read something that will change our life for the better, we should bring it into a consistent state of practice. One of my internet mentors, Bob Proctor, still carries his first copy of Think and Grow Rich. And he reads this book on a daily basis, even after decades of having read it before. At the end of this chapter, I will share one of my favorite success stories with you, so stay tuned.

We need to take advantage of every opportunity. After all, we are creating them with our choices.


Happiness is not a long-term goal. It is a choice… no different than any other choice you can make. And that very choice is going to be a major key in building relationships with other people as well as yourself. It is so refreshing to meet a total stranger who is taking time out of their day to be overly friendly to fellow strangers. While some may think this is a cry out for attention, I feel this person is free. Aware of their own free will, true self, and purpose. If you have to convince yourself you are happy… keep working. Your happiness needs to be as strong as your belief. Unwavering, no matter how unstable the foundation around you may seem to be getting. Love is the gateway and truth to happiness. He who does not hear the music, think the dancer crazy.

Success too, will never have a stopping point. After redirecting my focus, and changing the people I associated with throughout the many courses my life took, I began analyzing some of the major behavioral characteristics of some of the wealthiest and most successful of the people I surrounded myself with. Not as to compare them to others… just to see what set them apart. All those with whom I engaged were interested and interesting, curious, inclusive, attentive, open, and humble. It struck me that those are not generally qualities or characteristics we apply to masters of the universe. Quite the contrary, we more often words such as self-centered or egocentric. Maybe even boring, dull, or bland. Even when I was nearly 400 pounds, I used to think of fit or in-shape people to the same degree. After becoming fit myself, I realized reality was quite different – the exact opposite in most cases.

We should always look for opportunities to reconsider our perception about others… especially when questioning or analyzing effective roles of leadership and how these leaders may conduct themselves in their businesses. Sometimes we must find the best traits in others in order to learn from them.

What makes a person successful? I do not believe there is a definitive list. If there were a list, it would always be added to, by numerous people from all over the globe. One trait that sets a winner apart from the rest is they look for and find opportunities where others see nothing. We find what we are looking for. If we are craving an immediate desire for success, our environment will shift in order to deliver that success. You must still work hard for this shift to take place.

You must find a lesson where others will only see a problem. You realize by now, any and everything that happens to us, can be an opportunity to learn. Stay focused on creating solutions and results, rather than solving problems. This way, you will only encounter solutions and results. Problems will become welcomed circumstances. Deal with your problems and challenges quickly and effectively. Don’t put your head in the sand. Face your challenges and use them as opportunities to grow and learn more about yourself. You can tell the size of the man by the size of the problem that bothers them.

Keep a mental log of what works and what doesn’t, that way, you waste zero time on what no longer serves you. For example, if you have a flawless sales script, and it takes you three minutes to get to the point to where you keep losing stability, and then losing the prospect – become completely efficient at the first 3 minutes. Practice it so much that it becomes muscle memory – an afterthought. Now you can focus your effort on driving past that mistake. If you keep staring at the tree, you will steer towards the tree. Get rid of the tree. Visualize the path, and stay productive on the path.

You must surround yourself with like-minded people. Discover the importance of synergy and start creating win-win relationships. There are many a benefit from being the part of a bigger team. No matter how many ideas one person can come up with, more people can come up with more ideas. More perspectives can find more innovative solutions to existing ideas.  You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with. Be sure to surround yourself with people who see your vision, and have your ultimate goals in mind as well. Even if they are not walking the path with you, they should at least be a part of your award-winning support team.

DO NOT SURROUND YOURSELF WITH TOXIC PEOPLE. Average people are attracted to and comfortable with other average people. Do you wish to remain average?

Remember, you and only you create your success. You must become consciously and methodically aware of your vision, and work to create. Others seem to hope success will find them. You seek, so you shall find.

You must overcome fear. We are taught throughout our lives to be fearless. Fear is not only necessary, it also makes us stronger. Fight or flight mode is created about our feelings and emotions we place upon a situation. And that situation is usually one which will allow is to grow into a greater person. This is why we feel the initial bout of fear to begin with. This is your body, being faced with what used to be a limitation, and your mind, being given the decision to finally overcome it. All too often, we look for ways to go around. Then we never become better. A successful person is just as fearful as everyone else; however, they are not controlled or limited by their fears. They look for opportunities to break these barriers down.

You must ask the right questions. You must limit yourself from certain thoughts and situations to allow room for the right thoughts and situations. Only as questions which will place you in a productive, creative, and positive state of emotions.

Do not complain. Do not place blame on others. This will only place you in a negative state of mind. Not only is it a waste of emotions, it is a waste of energy. (inner-chi) a negative state of mind is an unproductive state to be in. This time you are spending not taking responsibility for your actions and outcomes, or lack thereof. This is time you could be creating, planning, and/or serving other people.

Make up what you lack in talent with skill. And practice that skill, with a ridiculous work ethic. Most successful people find proficient ways to maximize their potential. The key to simplification is duplication. Achieving the maximum amount of results with as little effort as possible. This will take practice. Be willing to outwork and outsmart everyone. Use every available resource you have more effectively.

There is a huge difference between being productive or proactive, and being busy. A job keeps you busy. If you want to keep a man from thinking about his future, give him a job where his salary depends on him never thinking about his future. Even sitting around thinking, reading, or watching television can be proactive if you are actually learning and applying what you are learning.

Becoming successful takes living. Not merely surviving. You must have ambition to ride the ride of sheer amazing. Why live your life on autopilot when you can take control? You must create clarity and certainty about what you want (and don’t want) in your life. Take time to visualize and plan out your reality. Create the ending to your story and take active steps to direct your life. Most people are spectators of theirs. Do you want to be a spectator of yours?

Always innovate. Never imitate. If you are going to take the time to make something better, make it so. Giving something half of the effort will give you half of the results. You are unique to this world. To this universe. To creation as we know it. You and only you have your gift and you and only you can share your gift with the world.

“Either write something worth doing, or do something worth writing.” – Benjamin Franklin


Successful people refuse to procrastinate and don’t spend their life waiting for the “right time.” I find far too many people waiting for their big break. What is a big break? I have heard far too many times the answer to someone’s financial woes are either winning the lottery, or they are waiting for something big to happen to them. The problem with this is, no one ever has any valid points to support their argument of what “something big,” really is. If you are waiting for the perfect time, or the right time to make something happen, you will take your ideas to your grave. I believe in fate, destiny, chance, luck, etc. however, I will not wait for any of these ideals to determine or shape my future. I believe in, and I am committed to actively and consciously creating my very own best life.

Become a life-long learner – become the master student. You must constantly work at educating yourself, either formally (academically), informally (watching, listening, asking, reading, student of life) or experientially (doing, trying)… or all three.

Stay the optimist. While some may call this the glass half full mentality, I prefer to think of it as, at least there is something in the glass. Truth be told, if I were hard at work and two people were sitting around arguing about the glass being half full or empty, I would drink their water and get back to work.

If you only grind on the days you feel like grinding, you won’t get much done. Consistently do what you need to do, irrespective of how you may feel on a given day. If you are tired of starting over, stop quitting. Successful people rarely live life, stopping and starting. They live life, going.

Take risks. Calculated risks… not unnecessary risks. Financial, emotional, professional, psychological. Step outside of the box. Do things others would never be willing to do. Don’t get yourself hurt and do not hurt others in the process.

Many people are reactive. Stay proactive. Think like a chess player. Always stay a few moves ahead. Think about the amount if things that will cease to “happen” to you if you are only focused on making things happen. Think about the amount of energy you can direct towards your future goals rather than fixing past mistakes. Take action before action is necessary.

Do not be a slave to your emotions. Just like fears, successful people feel emotions too. However, they are no longer slaves to their emotions. They stay in a state of being which will only serve the good of themselves and others.

Become an effective communicator. Take active steps towards becoming a more effective speaker. There are classes, networking groups, books, seminars, dvds… virtually endless amounts of correspondence available for you to learn from so you can get your message across to your audience. Regardless of what message you wish to get across – you must be understood. You must amaze them. You must be able to give them reason to listen to you, believe in you, and want to be a part of your vision.

The act of planning is necessary. I do not believe a well thought out plan is something that is put on paper to reference every step of the way. I believe a well thought out plan requires a brief moment of brainstorming followed by drastic action. You will need to have a plan for your life and work methodically at turning that plan into a reality. Your life should no longer be a series of unplanned events and outcomes.

I mentioned this earlier, but your desire to be exceptional means that you are typically to do things that most others will not do. You become exceptional by choice. Successful people, who are too busy doing, will rarely make time to talk to you about what you are not doing. Success will lie forever dormant, until you “do.” Doing will lie forever dormant, while you are talking. There are no coincidences – only opportunities that can set your life on a completely different course – and thoughts and fears that can kill those opportunities. We’re all faced with live-shaping decisions almost daily. Successful people make the decisions that most won’t and don’t.

Many people are pleasure junkies and not only lack self-control, they also avoid pain and discomfort at all costs. Successful people understand the value and benefits of working through the tough times that most people enjoy avoiding. Any opportunity to learn is a good opportunity. An opportunity to teach is a better one. Always take advantage of those moments when you can practice self-control. Understand the importance of discipline in your actions and be happy to take the road less traveled.

Identify your core morals and values and do your best to live a life in accordance to those values. Do not push these values on other people as much as you will make them aware of your values, and let it be known you will not deviate from these beliefs without proper knowledge and consideration.

Introduce yourself to the idea of balance. People who are only successful on a financial level are not successful at all. People, who are only happy in a relationship, are not really happy at all. There is no balance there. Money and success are not interchangeable. We live in a society that teaches us that money equals success. Like many other things, money is a tool. It’s certainly not a bad thing but ultimately, it’s just another resource to gain access to what it is you really want. Too many people worship money while their focus should be on having a reason or meaning behind wanting money. Balance in wealth comes when you have created an environment of stability and happiness. Everything you touch turns to gold because of what you can do for others, not yourself.

Be humble, secure in your skin, and never forget your roots. Be confident in your abilities, but not arrogant. Your sense of worth is not derived from what you own, whom you know, where you live or what look like. Your sense of worth comes from how you make others feel, when in their presences. Never, for a moment, believe you are better than anyone or anything else. Remain generous and kind. Always take pleasure in uplifting others and making them look good as well as helping others achieve their goals and dreams. Be happy to admit to mistakes and apologize when needed.

Be adaptable and embrace change. Nature forces us to find a balance of comfort and habit. Become comfortable with the new and the unfamiliar.

To be successful you will want to keep yourself in shape physically. I know that I used to be a trainer and a competitive athlete, so this is not to be mistaken with training for the Olympics or being obsessed with your body – unless it serves you. You want to have a basic understanding of the importance of being physically well. Your body is not who you are, but it is where you live.

You will want to have a bigger and stronger engine than everyone. Laziness should not be a word in your vocabulary. Outlast everyone. Become completely resilient to the idea of failure. Most people rarely warm up. So few would prefer to throw in the towel. You are just warming up. Also, practice using your off switch. Know when to relax… remember what you have, what you are doing, why you are doing it, and have a blast doing it too.

Embrace haters. Embrace feedback. Embrace constructive criticism. Embrace negative criticism. They people who do not like us will offer a different perspective than those who love and follow us. Listen to and act upon feedback. These tests are here for you to become better. Stop investing time or emotional energy into things you have no control of. Instead, become aware of and act accordingly.

Become comfortable spending time alone. Do not respond to everything or everyone. You time is important. Spend a good amount of your day in solitude either thinking or practicing mediation. Most men’s problems stem from his inability to sit alone in a quiet room. We are all multi-dimensional, amazing, wonderful complex creatures – not only physical and psychological beings, but emotional and spiritual creatures as well. Consciously work at being healthy and productive on all levels – even when lost in thought.

Set higher standards for yourself and if others do not meet those standards, distance yourself from them. Higher standards produce a greater commitment, more momentum, a better work ethic, and of course, better results.

Look for ways to succeed. Don’t rationalize failure. While many are talking about their age, their sore back, their lack of time or opportunities, their poor genetics, or their “bad luck” you will be finding ways to succeed despite any challenges.

Lastly, successful people practice what they preach. Their career is not their identity; it’s their job. It’s not who they are, it’s what they do. They are more interested in taking on tasks effectively more than taking the easy way out. They don’t talk about theory; instead, they live in reality; in constant search of the course of action that will produce the best results over the long term. This will allow you to finish what you start. While so many spend their life starting things that they never finish, successful people get the job done – even when the novelty has worn off.