How we earn a living.

A wage is offered when a task can be completed by someone who can be trained to do that particular job. This job can be complicated or simple, but the worth is based on the competency of the difficulty to perform the task over and over again divided by the amount of people who are actually willing to do the task.

A salary is offered when someone has already been trained in various tasks. This person’s worth and value is usually based on how they feel about the job. When someone doesn’t care to be overworked or stressed, in exchange for benefits or job security, the company offers a salary to the lowest bidder, based on the difficulty of the task.

Commission is offered when someone knows their worth. These are performace based positions which usually require special behavioral skills. The tasks which need to be completed cannot be taught to an individual. These are skills which must already be possessed through environmental adaptability. Instead, the commission is offered because the company knows the person isn’t afraid to prove their worth to the company. Compensation is based on the value the person can add to the company.