It feels good being back. Tips for getting healthy this year.

I spent most of last year writing and not lifting. It’s so funny that I used to tell my clients they had to make time for the gym and I found myself not making time. I still worked out with my buddy (and old client) Kent twice a week… but my two to three times a day, seven days a week disappeared from the moment I stopped teaching Crossfit at Camp Hero Fitness. Soon after I went back to my old Rec Center to train, I decided to stop training all together and started pursuing writing and speaking, and building my companies.

Of course, New Years always brings on those feelings and desires for change. So, I did what any 31 year old man would do… I got a gym membership. I did workout at my old apartment gym, but it wasn’t the same as being in a gym. Not for me at least. Not at this time of my life. I realized I would go to my apartment gym and do as little as possible to work up a sweat. Psychology teaches us, we perform better at something we are good at when we have a crowd. We perform worse at something we do not have knowledge in when we have a crowd. This could explain why people without gym knowledge feel “naked” when they first step into one. One thing I can assure you is, no one is watching and no one cares that you are there UNLESS you believe they do.

I felt so alive during the middle of a WOD, and I feel that feeling again. I pretend the crowd is mine, and it keeps me fired up and motivated. Thanks to muscle memory, within the next 30 to 60 days, I can be in better shape than I was before. I miss the atmosphere of Camp Hero Fitness… where we were almost forced to get better. Everyone was watching you. Change wasn’t necessarily expected, but it was encouraged. If they weren’t so far from me now, I would definitely go back. I can’t wait to see their new location by the way. If you do stop in, say hi to Justin, Darius, Adam, Jayme, Kyle… all of the old crew. I believe Brett and Lance are still training in the area as well.

A few tips I can give someone for the new year…


  • Eat for your muscle. – So many people are afraid of gaining muscle or “getting big.” I can assure you, Arnold didn’t get that way on his Bowflex for 15 minutes, 3 days a week. Take in an adequate amount of protein so your muscle can grow. Every single calorie you burn on a daily basis is dependent upon the amount of muscle you have on your body. If you aren’t building muscle, you are burning muscle. Period.


  • Drink a lot of water. – I used to be able to tell when my clients didn’t get enough water in the day… simply because they weren’t performing at their peak. Water carries nutrients, water  keeps you limber, water gives you the energy to keep going. Most of us blame lack of food for lack of energy. It is usually lack of water.


  • Energy comes from decisions, not food or water. – If you are feeling tired or worn down, go to the gym. Your decision will work up the motivation to workout, and you will feel great while you are there and after you leave. Often times, we find ourselves laying in bed in the morning, trying to get a few more minutes of sleep. If we would just put our feet on the floor, we would have ample energy to get up and start our day. Did that new found energy come from food? Or did that new found energy come from making a decision?


  • Learn what you are doing, or hire professional help. – I have a video available in my university, as well as a couple of chapters I have written in books called, Go After Proven Results. Don’t hurt yourself in the gym, and don’t waste time in there either. Baby steps are just that, baby steps… if you want to make real changes, know what you are doing. If you don’t know what you are doing, get help. I have seen way too many people go to the gym for a year and not get half of the results of someone going for 30 days that either has help or knowledge. Do not hire a trainer based on their cost… hire a trainer that is able to get you results. How do you know if they can get you results? Easy… have they gotten anyone else results before?


  • Get a partner or join a team. – If you are looking for real motivation, surround yourself with people that won’t allow you to give up. If your friends or family aren’t doing anything to change their health, you will usually hear nothing but negativity from them. Who cares? Just find someone who will keep you positive. This will usually be your trainer. Join Crossfit, get a partner with similar goals, or even join a basketball or softball team, or a spin class. People with the same goals typically won’t allow you to quit. And, since you are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with, your life will probably change for the better all the way around anyway.


  • Don’t give up. – Just about anything with consistency will change your body, regardless if it is weight training or eating cheeseburgers everyday. Most people give up too soon… on EVERYTHING. I even had a lady tell me the other day that she tried positive affirmations for a whole week before she stopped. Why? “Because it didn’t work.” – her answer. I have spent my whole life working on myself and I sure do not plan on giving up yet. You could have very well found gold if you had only dug another inch or two… You are too special and too beautiful to give up on yourself, and your past doesn’t have to be your future. Make a decision and become who you want to be. It really is as simple as that. Remember, you are not fat… you just have fat on your body. You are love and God’s ultimate creation. Believe in yourself.

Am I missing anything? Oh yes…

  • Cardio burns calories, not fat. – All of that cardio you are doing can go against your goals. There is nothing wrong with cardio, but you have to ask yourself what your goals are. If you are trying to get fit, lift. If you are trying to become a better runner, lift and run.

2015 will be different. I plan to be in better shape than I ever was last year… or in my whole life. If you want some motivation or a trainer, get in touch with me and I will get you the best of the best DFW has to offer. Thanks for reading… and you should check out Breaking Through… a 99 cent ebook that could give you a little more insight and motivation.