What are you thinking about?

Since our mind works in pictures, tv fills our subconscious mind up with more images. Images that have nothing to do with us our lives. They are merely distractions, which hold you back from envisioning your own life. Your subconscious mind does not know the difference in this behavior. It is non linear and lives in the moment, meaning it all happens at once. Right now. To add to that, the subconscious does not differentiate real or imaginary, it can only assess the value of the moment – or the thoughts, feelings, and emotion placed upon the picture. Even if you are saying your daily affirmations, or working on personal development – spending a majority of your day in front of the television (unless you are learning from and applying what you are learning) you are reprogramming negative behavior. You must watch and even read things that empower you. Fiction is fun, but ask your self if you are learning from it.