Working with Jason forces perceptual change…

Transcribing for Jason Criddle feels like I’m on the fast track or at the honor’s class on spirituality. When he showed me the videos to be written, I felt tingling chills surging from my head’s occipital area down to my nape — the feeling I get whenever I’m creatively and intellectually inspired. At that moment, I was overwhelmed by the luck conspired by the universe to pile on me that in one go, I am being handed multiple things I consciously and subconsciously want: income off the job; entertainment and answers from the videos; and a mentor/coach/driver. I barely knew Jason, but I was at ease and wide open; I felt like I’m speaking to a 5-years-from-now version of myself. Did he find me or did I find him? Did our mutual spiritual needs collide to produce this event, just like how atoms collide to manifest matter? Whatever unseen causing force that is, it’s a good nudge into the right direction. 

The videos Jason Criddle had me transcribe provide scientific explanations on several topics only fortune tellers, gypsies, shamans, monks, and your local priest will be happy to talk about with you. I’m not a religious guy but I kept attending services and listened to preachers (endured torrents of book quoting and chosen-people syndrome), hoping to learn answers for topics mainstream standard science ignore such as spirit/consciousness, auras, ESP, faith healing, deja vu, and more. Another mystery in the universe is Polarity: Positive, Negative; Yin, Yang; Male, Female; Add, Subtract; Hot, Cold; and etc. that standard science shrugs off with a “Duh, that’s natural so stop being superstitious.” attitude.
 The video’s information and messages are so strong, there was no moment I doubted each featured scientist’s identity and work, but internet search verified them every time. Assuming those scientists’ statements, discussed with authority and logic, in the videos are real and their data exists but disregarded, I feel sadness and frustration at our world’s current level of science and spirituality/consciousness: I never believed in devils or evil before, but now I’m getting convinced they are all at work, suppressing and labeling legitimate science as pseudoscience or paranormal through the media. While some churches reiterate to the Nth time verses from “ancient Harry Potters” with interpretations vague enough to mushroom more churches through mystery and confusion that prevent the masses from expanding their spirituality and raising their consciousness level to “find their self” and develop their unique individual abilities.
Current standard science limits itself to material objects and phenomena, dismissing our living planet as a lucky rock and telling our children that our ancient relatives are monkeys, so we are still monkeys that can be trained to be meek and dependent employees who run the businesses and consume the products of their sponsors. We are yet to see how far their debasement to human divinity will go until human cloning is made legal — a slap to our individuality that is if seen on writing, with quotes “You are not special; you can be reproduced and multiplied just like a jelly bean, so go work their factories and plantations!” Movies like 12 Years a Slave (2013) and Django Unchained (2012) can help refresh our memory of what it feels like to be a disposable, replaceable, and tradable utility good. If Evolutionists think we are from monkeys and slave traders think black human slaves are monkeys, and they meet in a bar, are they going to be drinking buddies?
Now, I’m not being high and special here, writing about subjects I did not study at a university, but since I stopped watching TV after I got my first computer with internet, my awareness gradually grew, so you can be the next after you unplug the Idiot Box. Today, I see TV and Internet News as self-serving platforms for agendas and shameless peddlers of attention. If there are real and important world events; news relevant to my living, they will get around me through word-of-mouth in the community anyway.

Author: Harold Barrios, Editor, Legacy Status Publishing