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The birth of JCAA

It has been a long time coming… after Legacy Status Investments… after the start of our software firm… after the start of the foundry, a new fund had to be formed. Jason Criddle and Associates was ready to face the world for quite some time. Not because we wanted it to, but because the world […]

Ceo Disease

Do you suffer from Ceo Disease? A syndrome all too often confronted in management and executive positions where positive information is shared with the person in charge but the negative information is withheld. This is usually due to an employee or representative not wishing to fall by the wayside of another syndrome we like to […]

Can you explain?

When is the last time I was able to comprehend not existing? Can I imagine what it would be like to not exist? To not live? Can I imagine what it would be like to burn for all eternity? Can I imagine eternity? Physics will explain to me how I cannot occupy two places at […]

The squirrel…

There is a squirrel outside my patio door right now. We were staring at one another for about 4 minutes or so. I wonder if the squirrel was trying to figure out the infinite wisdom I hold within my mind in comparison to himself. I wonder if the squirrel has ever questioned its own existence […]

Working with Jason forces perceptual change…

Transcribing for Jason Criddle feels like I’m on the fast track or at the honor’s class on spirituality. When he showed me the videos to be written, I felt tingling chills surging from my head’s occipital area down to my nape — the feeling I get whenever I’m creatively and intellectually inspired. At that moment, […]

What are you thinking about?

Since our mind works in pictures, tv fills our subconscious mind up with more images. Images that have nothing to do with us our lives. They are merely distractions, which hold you back from envisioning your own life. Your subconscious mind does not know the difference in this behavior. It is non linear and lives […]

How we earn a living.

A wage is offered when a task can be completed by someone who can be trained to do that particular job. This job can be complicated or simple, but the worth is based on the competency of the difficulty to perform the task over and over again divided by the amount of people who are actually […]