Can you explain?

When is the last time I was able to comprehend not existing? Can I imagine what it would be like to not exist? To not live? Can I imagine what it would be like to burn for all eternity? Can I imagine eternity? Physics will explain to me how I cannot occupy two places at the same time… but can physics explain how I came into existence? Can physics explain time? Can physics explain physics? Or the existence of the man that theorized physics? Or the synapses of his brain which created the hormonal imbalance which created such a thought that he should theorize anything? What is a theory?

We don’t need to research an explanation. And if we do not find an explanation, will we try to create an explanation for the explanation? What about the explanation for the explanation for the explanation? Or the explanation for the explanation for the explanation for the explanation. One cannot possibly comprehend life from another’s existence. In essence, we are all 100% correct in everything we believe. Our choices make up who we are, what books we read, how we treat others. But, what if i made a choice to never read that book? Is there an explanation for that explanation?

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  1. Laela
    Laela says:

    Does an explanation equate to truth, and if so, to whom? An explanation is for a 2nd or 3rd party; non factual and therefore has no revelance to anyone other than the 1st party.


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