Can you explain?

When is the last time I was able to comprehend not existing? Can I imagine what it would be like to not exist? To not live? Can I imagine what it would be like to burn for all eternity? Can I imagine eternity? Physics will explain to me how I cannot occupy two places at the same time… but can physics explain how I came into existence? Can physics explain time? Can physics explain physics? Or the existence of the man that theorized physics? Or the synapses of his brain which created the hormonal imbalance which created such a thought that he should theorize anything? What is a theory?

We don’t need to research an explanation. And if we do not find an explanation, will we try to create an explanation for the explanation? What about the explanation for the explanation for the explanation? Or the explanation for the explanation for the explanation for the explanation. One cannot possibly comprehend life from another’s existence. In essence, we are all 100% correct in everything we believe. Our choices make up who we are, what books we read, how we treat others. But, what if i made a choice to never read that book? Is there an explanation for that explanation?


The squirrel…

There is a squirrel outside my patio door right now. We were staring at one another for about 4 minutes or so. I wonder if the squirrel was trying to figure out the infinite wisdom I hold within my mind in comparison to himself. I wonder if the squirrel has ever questioned its own existence in comparison to that of man. I wonder if squirrels have a book that they worship and hold dear… and tell other squirrels their beliefs about how man has created the world around them. I wonder if squirrels jump out in front of cars to try and get closer to man… or believe they will be surrounded by 72 virgin squirrels, and an array of acorns if they sacrifice themselves for the betterment of their own existence.

Or, would it be completely impossible for the squirrel to possibly comprehend what goes on in the mind of man? The squirrel can try to understand. The squirrel can bicker with its friends… but it will never walk in knowing or understanding. It is just a squirrel. I am just a man. God is just God. The squirrel can only think about the time a nice man gave him a piece of bread… or the time he saw a man pick up one of his injured brethren from the street… but for the squirrel to think it understands man… well, that would almost be as silly as me thinking I understand God. What I do remember though, is the time my family was hungry, and food and money somehow found its way into my home.

What I do remember, is laying injured on a hospital bed, and being able to walk again. I remember about 10 years ago when I was bitten by a squirrel… to this day, I would never wish a fiery eternal existence placed upon all squirrels… especially just because a squirrel didn’t understand who I was. I believe he bit me because he made a choice. But who am I to harm something that did not understand me? Choice or not…


What are you thinking about?

Since our mind works in pictures, tv fills our subconscious mind up with more images. Images that have nothing to do with us our lives. They are merely distractions, which hold you back from envisioning your own life. Your subconscious mind does not know the difference in this behavior. It is non linear and lives in the moment, meaning it all happens at once. Right now. Read more


How we earn a living.

A wage is offered when a task can be completed by someone who can be trained to do that particular job. This job can be complicated or simple, but the worth is based on the competency of the difficulty to perform the task over and over again divided by the amount of people who are actually willing to do the task. Read more


Hold onto your Vision – From Understanding Manifestation

In both Trainer to Trillionare and Outgrow, there was a passage about success. Happiness. Being a choice, rather than circumstantial. A state of being, rather than an ultimate goal.

We have two minds… our conscious mind, and our subconscious mind. The conscious mind is the chatter. Our ideas and our identity. Most of which, aren’t really us at all. This part of our mind is filled with paradigms which were taught to us before we had the ability to make conscious decisions of our own. Read more


How we see God.

People are afraid of change because change is painful. So what path do we choose? The path of least… anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

For far too long, I lived a life of not realizing my potential. And everyone who hadn’t realized theirs was right there, to pat me on the back and tell me, “Its ok. We will be failures with you. We will be lost with you. We will be followers with you. We will stand by your side while you go nowhere and don’t, and we know you would do the same for us.” Read more


What are we doing?

“If you want to keep a man from thinking about his future, give him a job where his salary depends upon him never thinking about his future.”

Take notice the amount of generational careers. The banker’s son follows in his footsteps and becomes a bank manager. A police officer that feels proud when their child says they want to be a police officer. A fisherman looking forward to his daughter taking over his boat one day. Read more