We are not your average firm.

Everyone has ideas, but not many of those ideas turn into businesses. And not many of those businesses become sustainable and profitable. In truth, if it was easy to build a company making tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars, or even millions, everyone would be doing it, wouldn’t they?

A lot of the companies we work with are already generating income… a lot have everything they need to remain competitive and viable, but sadly, some do not. We don’t just work with companies to help them get off the ground. We also tend to work with companies who want to reach or remain on top.

So, what do we do? All of it.


We don’t just invest in, or help companies obtain investments… we also invest in real estate projects that fit into our portfolio as well. Post-revenue companies give our portfolio an edge, and help us increase our bottom line. Pre-revenue companies allow us to help the little guy who wants to become a post-revenue brand… and real estate helps lay the infrastructure needed to help make this all happen. We don’t invest in all real estate projects, just the right ones. Me prefer major development and renovation of large multi-use, or multi family.

If you need help getting your real estate project off the ground, feel free to contact us, or go ahead and send in any plans you want us to look at.

Marketing and Strategy

Do you know how many investors are bugged everyday. Although investor is a cool title, it doesn’t stop the onslaught of people who are requesting money from you. The funny thing is, most of those companies do not need money as much as they need customers. Money doesn’t solve problems, unless the only problem you have is scaling a perfected revenue model.

So, how does one get to the point to where they have a viable revenue model? Trial and error, lots of failing and praying, or teaming up with a firm who can help you get it right the first time. No one should take on projects alone, whether they are real estate, publishing, or getting a company making its first few bucks.

We build business plans, pitch decks, have a hefty social media ad spend account for our clients, and so much more that we aren’t even going to try to list it. We are not a “Jack of all trades.” We are just really fucking good at what we do best.


Not all consultants are created equal. You have people who talk, people who tell you what to do, and people like us; those who actually ask questions and take the time to figure our what you actually need help with in order to accomplish your goals.

Our consultants range from veteran entrepreneurs and investors, to multi-platinum performance artists, real estate gurus, to the people who built the first video games we played in the 80’s. Because of our partnership with The Smartr App Company, we are also soon releasing the Smartr Consultants app, that way you have access to our team, as well as any consultants who decide to partner with us.


There was a day a few years back, when Jason Criddle created his first best-selling book. After being approached with a publishing contract, he went to get a loan to get his publishing company off the ground. After meeting a broker, a partnership was made, and Legacy Status Investments was born. Now of course, Legacy Status was acquired, but it is still a fun fact to know that the lifeblood of this corporation started with publishing. While traditional publishing houses are trying to take 100% control of your intellectual property, we allow you to remain in control, and just share in the benefits of building a successful publication.

We publish content. Plain and simple. We can provide authors with ghost writers, or supply the camera crew needed to get your reality show on TV. Books, magazines, documentaries, major movie productions.. We can help. Our authors are best-sellers, our actors have been on movies and shows you have in your entertainment center, and our publication team makes it all come to life. If you are ready to publish any project, contact us, or you can even submit a manuscript right here for review. You can also download the Smartr Marketing App to purchase a publishing package.

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