What are we doing?

“If you want to keep a man from thinking about his future, give him a job where his salary depends upon him never thinking about his future.”

Take notice the amount of generational careers. The banker’s son follows in his footsteps and becomes a bank manager. A police officer that feels proud when their child says they want to be a police officer. A fisherman looking forward to his daughter taking over his boat one day.

As I am writing these few paragraphs; I am sitting at my mom’s house and they are watching a show about fishing. I rarely watch TV, and in situations such as this, it is especially difficult to drown out the noise, with family actively running around the house. Instead of feeling distracted, I always imagine when the opportunity arises for my attention to be broken, there could be something said that I could possibly learn a lesson from. I am also, at this point in my life, rarely without a notepad or journal, and my laptop.

Just then, the crewman on TV said, “if these kids keep fishing, they will learn something valuable about life and make a great living.”

Automatically setting their children up for the cycle. These jobs are noble jobs. And these people are noble people, however, your child can be something or someone far greater if you allow them to make their own choices. It is more than awesome if that is what your children choose for themselves. They should still have the opportunity to entertain the idea of expanding their own minds and belief systems so they can find out who they are before they pick what they want to do. We all live in cycles. It is who we are. And we should be able to choose our cycle.

The average job, which accounts for a majority of the populous, has a starting point where the result is already placed in front of the employee. They are then taught how to mimic the result. This behavior then produces thoughts in the subconscious mind, which produce feelings about the thoughts. These thoughts drive the person into action. These actions cycle back to the original result. This behavior is repeated continuously and the mind is forced to revert back to the original cycle rather than finding innovative solutions to create a better result.

When children have the ability to choose or create for themselves, they are forced to come up with an idea. The idea then produces thoughts, which create feelings of emotion about the idea. These feelings then drive them into action. These actions produce their very own results based upon their creative idea, rather than being told to mimic the result from the beginning. This cycle reverts back to the creation of more ideas, be it innovation or entirely new paths to explore.

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