Jason Criddle and Associates (JCAA) invests in a wide range of projects and businesses… and not just “money.”

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Because of entertainment based TV shows, and movies that glorify the highlights of how certain social media websites started, business owners have a lot of misinformation about how the investment world really works.

*News Flash,* investors don’t pay for experimentation. Investors don’t pay salaries while you figure out how to make money with your company. Investors don’t give millions of dollars for a business plan written on a piece of paper. So, what do investors invest in? 

Scaling. Investors invest in VIABLE companies that will give them a return on their investment.

It is true… you can go to certain organizations, friends, and family to receive money in exchange for an idea, but keep in mind, you need to team up with professionals who have created profitable companies in the past, and are so familiar with the current climate of the business world, that they are still creating profitable companies to date. Especially companies in your field. Your grandfather who created a successful manufacturing plant back in 1959 – might not be the best resource for creating a software or real estate firm in 2017.

Investors also invest in people. Building a relationship with an investor is far more important than quantity. The investment world is so small, that reaching out to every single person on LinkedIn with “investor” in their title, will more than likely close a lot of doors for you. Emailing investors and telling them to “move fast because you have a lot of interested investors,” will close even more opportunities for you too. In truth, most people wouldn’t know what to do with a million dollars if it was given to them in the form of a check, unless they have a proven track record of handling large amounts of money in the past; or they have a reputation of creating great businesses with even greater returns for their investors. A lot of companies need customers far more than they need money. Applying a large amount of money to a company that is not yet ready to scale will duplicate the same issues which are keeping the company from scaling.

Bottom line… if you want to build a successful company, respect investors before asking them for money. And always ask yourself… “Would I invest in this, and why?”

What do we invest in?

  • Large Real Estate Development Projects
  • Green and Clean Energy
  • Software
  • Some retail products
  • IOT (internet of things); wearables, hardware.
  • Useful Intellectual Property, i.e., Patents, Publishing, Algorithms, etc.

If you have any questions, please ask us below… even if you did not see your category in the list. If you need a lead investor before going into a round, or need due diligence performed on your company, you can contact us too.

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JCAA does not sign non-disclosure agreements, so please keep proprietary information to yourself. We are free to use your recordings in any media or content owned by JCAA and affiliated companies.

“Money is worthless without knowledge, help, or resources. The best business partners and investors hold hands and offer guidance just as much as they write checks. Give me information over money any day of the week.” – Jason Criddle

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