The squirrel…

There is a squirrel outside my patio door right now. We were staring at one another for about 4 minutes or so. I wonder if the squirrel was trying to figure out the infinite wisdom I hold within my mind in comparison to himself. I wonder if the squirrel has ever questioned its own existence in comparison to that of man. I wonder if squirrels have a book that they worship and hold dear… and tell other squirrels their beliefs about how man has created the world around them. I wonder if squirrels jump out in front of cars to try and get closer to man… or believe they will be surrounded by 72 virgin squirrels, and an array of acorns if they sacrifice themselves for the betterment of their own existence.

Or, would it be completely impossible for the squirrel to possibly comprehend what goes on in the mind of man? The squirrel can try to understand. The squirrel can bicker with its friends… but it will never walk in knowing or understanding. It is just a squirrel. I am just a man. God is just God. The squirrel can only think about the time a nice man gave him a piece of bread… or the time he saw a man pick up one of his injured brethren from the street… but for the squirrel to think it understands man… well, that would almost be as silly as me thinking I understand God. What I do remember though, is the time my family was hungry, and food and money somehow found its way into my home.

What I do remember, is laying injured on a hospital bed, and being able to walk again. I remember about 10 years ago when I was bitten by a squirrel… to this day, I would never wish a fiery eternal existence placed upon all squirrels… especially just because a squirrel didn’t understand who I was. I believe he bit me because he made a choice. But who am I to harm something that did not understand me? Choice or not…

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