How we see God.

People are afraid of change because change is painful. So what path do we choose? The path of least… anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

For far too long, I lived a life of not realizing my potential. And everyone who hadn’t realized theirs was right there, to pat me on the back and tell me, “Its ok. We will be failures with you. We will be lost with you. We will be followers with you. We will stand by your side while you go nowhere and don’t, and we know you would do the same for us.”

Awareness helps you to realize your purpose and the purpose of others in your life. I have come to learn, anyone who comes into your life carries with them an unlimited opportunity for growth and change. So meet as many people as you can. And if you feel you are being restricted by someone or even an action of your own doing, let go. Imagine life from the other side. What would my life be like if this scenario was working in my favor? If it’s no longer serving you, let it go. Selfish? Aware.

There is a universal love that guides us all, though we have to come aware of ourselves to experience it on an ongoing basis. This love, is God, and he is trying to live His purpose through us. It’s your life. What are you going to do with it? Who are you going to answer to? Do you feel you should dive deeper and deeper into your inner being to discover God’s potential which has been lying dormant within you? Or should you continue to answer to a person that feels you should be blessed at the opportunity to deal with the grief they are willing to give you. Or a boss who reminds you of how lucky you are that you have someone who unappreciative of your every effort.

God is in an effortless attempt to take judgment away from us. Though we must prepare ourselves to be in the right frame of mind to do so. We are bombarded now with new ideas. Religion, philosophy, theology… people get in arguments and tell people they are wrong for believing what they believe. Having never walked in their shoes. Never growing up in their household, with their parents, problems, and inhibitions.

Have you ever taken a moment to wonder… are they all correct in their beliefs? Not just one, but all? Since we always find what we are looking for, always, we create our religion based on our own experience of reality. God is reality. Truth is the beholders perception of reality based on ones experience of life. Nothing more.

Could we not say we are being bombarded with multiple truths, because multiple truths are it? It meaning, reality. Should we not let go of judgment and accept it? After all, we cannot change another’s perception by simply having a perception of our own. Maybe we should let it go.

It would seem, if the word of God was in fact written in a book, it wouldn’t have stopped 2000 years ago. The word of God would be written in text throughout the entirety of our lives. Not to mention, text and the gift of reading were not skills most people possessed. It was an art. But look at all of the artist of today. Look at the amount of creativity before. Original fabrications, software, and technology that changes our lives before we are even aware it exists… all created because someone actually followed through on an idea and took it to completion.

When we say, it’s raining outside. It’s snowing. It’s cold. It’s awesome. It’s painful. It’s beautiful. It’s amazing… It, is the closest thing we have to describing what we would know and believe as God. It, is a creation of our ideas and perception. So rather than always being in a search for truth, we should spend even more time in a search for the God within ourselves.

You see a tornado rip through a neighborhood and both the homes of the believer and non-believer are destroyed. This is reality. This is God. This is non-judgment in its truest form. God is chaos, setting the stage for us to bring peace to our own reality, no matter what circumstance is brought before us.

Even if we were to try to understand this force, this it, we wouldn’t be close. We can’t possibly comprehend or see it. Even if we did see it, there would be no it, it would only be our perception of it. It is God, materialized in matter, so we can spiritualize that matter with a knowledgeable perception.

Reality is the cause of life. Trees growing, birds chirping. Everything else on the planet is living its purpose while we allow everything else’s purpose to keep us from doing what we want, or living as happily as we wish to live. We cast judgment, we don’t forgive people, and we remain in a state of darkness.

The chaotic behavior of life, our truth, is necessary in order for the opposite to exist. Your stress must happen to experience happiness. Death must happen to appreciate life. 3rd dimensional consciousness was created for education, to fill our bodies with knowledge so we can observe ourselves as God’s essence. God made the dimension to see and reflect upon itself in action.

Forgiveness is knowing that every circumstance you have ever faced in your life had to happen in order to create you. If someone says or does something to upset you, become aware that it has nothing to do with you. Nothing. And you can live your life and purpose, unaffected. To say outside circumstances cannot affect our inner being is silly. However, circumstances can only affect us as much as we allow them to do so. If you are grounded in the present, and walking with the God within yourself, there would be no reason for fear, unhappiness, or the lack of a willingness to forgive.

Our fear, which is responsible for the evil acts we do to others. Judgment, lies, hurt, using others… these all stem from our ignorance. From our lack of gathering knowledge of truth, God, reality, and most of all, ourselves. Circumstances which test our courage and good will also test our willingness to remain ignorant. We must become aware of our evil acts. Our fears. The pain we have caused others. And once we come aware, we neutralize and never turn back.

The separation of light and dark is merely knowing and unknowing. Knowing is knowledge, unknowing is ignorance. It is knowledge. And you are surrounded by it, awaiting your acceptance. Ignorance is fear and anger. Fear and anger are hell. We can’t possibly know the unknown. We can’t possibly seek peace or salvation or whatever spin you prefer to put on it, until we choose to put our minds and bodies in motion to receive it. It always comes back to choice. Decisions, based on our perception of it. The unknown, reality, happens to us when we are ready to let it happen.

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    Tresa Barbone says:

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