JCAA is located in the heart of downtown Dallas.

Jason Criddle and Associates offers a wide range of value based services, from consulting, to marketing, to investments. Built by esteemed, professional entrepreneurs and investors, JCAA offers the world a varied perspective not often shared or thought about in this industry.

While the world of investors and advisors seems to be run by antiquated thought processes and “old” money, JCAA has been introducing the world to new products, services, and ideas which have been helping new companies and property projects launch since the days of Legacy Status Investments. Owned and run by a younger generation of leaders, JCAA is at the forefront of the coming climate change in business, and only uses conscious and sustainable practices to help business owners evolve and achieve growth.

If you are looking for assistance in launching your empire… you have come to the right place.


Consulting is a term too often thrown around. Lots of people talk a big game, but very few have a history of results and accomplishments. Our consulting team specializes in the skill-sets necessary to get the job done.


From real estate, to publishing, to intellectual property and patents, JCAA covers all facets of getting property built, launched, scaled, or preparing for investment.


JCAA maintains and manages many companies. Having worked in a multitude of industries, and with a background of successes, we can offer guidance with pitching, relationships, guidance, resources, capital, or all of it.


Projections are worthless without the proper team in place to make those numbers happen. Sales, marketing, sales, management, sales, capital raises, sales, and development… these all require a strategy that will help a business win. We’ve got you covered… when it comes to sales, too.

Jason was a judge at a pitch competition in Dallas. After meeting, JCAA became part of the team. They set us up with meetings with all of the major municipalities in the DFW area, just like we requested. Now our business is growing very large.

Bejoy NarayanaCEO, Boodskapper

We wanted to change the pace in 2016 and 2017 by automating our systems, and bringing in more revenue online and on mobile. Jason built us an app, helped us with our marketing, and we will literally pocket tens of millions this year with their help!!!!

Les BrownCEO, Les Brown Enterprises

I came to Jason with a dream of turning my passion for helping war victims into something more than a dream. Not only did Jason and his team make my idea a thriving nonprofit, they also made me part of their company. Now I have an organization that really helps people all over the globe. And I also get to teach other nonprofits how to become successful now. Thank you Jason!

Laura KanaykinaCEO, Front Line Connect

Jason took over our ad spend, helped us grow our user base, and is now helping us sell our platform. We are hoping for 10 million. All said, this is a perfect organization.

Dumebi OkabaCEO and Co-Founder, Go-Cutz

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