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Author, coach, leader… Jason Criddle has been running the Smartr brands since the creation of The Smartr App Company in 2015. Now, as the Creative Director of SmartrHoldings, Jason Criddle and his team focus on providing exclusive services to entrepreneurs, as well as small and large businesses alike.

If you do hire Mr. Criddle to come and work with you, he doesn’t come just to speak or talk about his accomplishments… he comes to work, and set your life and business on the right path. JCAA has spoken to and worked with hundreds of startups and founders, seen thousands of business plans, and has the know-how and expertise to get your brand to market.

Mr. Criddle is a millennial business leader with a passion for helping entrepreneurs and business-minded individuals succeed, while focusing on the metaphysical and spiritual aspects of what it takes to drive greatness within one self.

“I wish to help create and educate a new world of leaders. A world where people take responsibility for their actions and progress to achieve the wealth, abundance, and enlightenment they desire…

We must take drastic and spiritual steps moving forward in order to foster a better thinking process for our children, our planet, and our universe – for all generations moving forward.

We have been stuck in this false reality of hope and despair for far too long. Our broken society is the byproduct of fear and lack of creativity. The only TRUE reality is our thought process and imagination.

Every day, you see your actions in your mind before you perform them… but what if you could change what you see before it happens? Would your external environment not change as well? What if I could help you change your mind, and create whatever life you want for yourself and your family? Would you join me?”– Jason Criddle

Exclusive Services

Everyone has ideas, but not many of those ideas turn into businesses. And not many of those businesses become sustainable, profitable, or even stick around past the first year. In truth, if it was easy to build a company making tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars, or even millions, everyone would be doing it, wouldn’t they?

A lot of the companies we work with are already generating income… a lot have everything they need to remain competitive and viable, but sadly, some do not. We don’t just work with companies to help them get off the ground. We also tend to work with companies who want to reach or remain on top, by identifying, setting up, and managing new revenue streams, building scalable sales processes, and teaching you how to manage your new potential profitability without interfering with your day to day. This is where success is built.

So, what do we do? What matters.


JCAA provides sales expertise, as well as referral based software services, and also houses its own sales and passive income team which specializes in grassroots and guerrilla marketing, word of mouth sales, and on-boarding customers into new brands.

If you need help launching a brand, or you want to become part of a winning team with ridiculous bonuses, training, and incentives, contact us.

You can find out more about our affiliate software by visiting thesmartrmarketingapp.com


Everyone wants to make millions, but rarely do they have the infrastructure in place to support such growth. If you are building a company, you need a sales team, management, customer service, a professional ecommerce presence, marketing material, legal paperwork, and the list goes on and on…

Even if you wish to create a multi-million dollar software empire, while working from home and homeschooling your kids, yes, we can help you. After all, we did build Smartr.

Don’t try to build a business when you can dominate in your field. Contact us for more info.


What is branding? Point blank, it is your voice, your look, and what you represent. From your logo, to your websites or apps, commercials and/or blogs, all the way to the content your customers read… every single pixel and word must portray the image you want your customers to feel when they visit you online or off.Contact us now to set an appointment to get your branding on point.


There was a day a few years back when Jason Criddle created his first best-selling book. After being approached with a publishing contract by a company who wanted him to sell off his intellectual property, he started a publishing company that lets you remain 100% in control… we just share in the benefits of helping you build a successful publication.

We publish content, plain and simple. We can provide authors with ghost writers, or even provide written copy for your articles and blogs. Books, magazines, documentaries... It doesn’t matter, we can help. Have an idea or a manuscript you are ready to publish? Let’s do it. Contact us today!

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